Frequently asked questions

  • Our products are suitable for all skin types.

  • Yes, we are a unisex brand.

  • Our products may help but they should not be considered a replacement for any treatment products that you are using. The plant-based, organic ingredients found in our products can complement anything medical. If you suffer from a medical skin condition, always consult your doctor or dermatologist before making changes to your skincare regime.

  • For anyone who is new to skincare, we recommend starting with the daily essentials–cleansing and moisturizing, which are found in our ZELEN Starter Pack. You can also find out what ZELEN Life products are most suited to your needs by completing our quick and easy, Skincare Regime Quiz.

  • Our Packs (ZELEN Starter, ZELEN Classic, and ZELEN Life) provide a number of unique benefits:

    • The packs consist of more than one product. Thus, they work in harmony with one another to provide an enhanced skincare routine.
    • The product combinations have been handpicked to suit various skincare needs and levels.
    • The packs are discounted (10-30%). Therefore saving you money compared to purchasing the products individually.
    • As a subscription service, they are automatically delivered to your door. Ensuring that you avoid hassle and disruptions to your skincare regime.
    • All our packs qualify for free shipping in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.
  • Twice daily (morning and evening) and should last 2 months.

  • We recommend using a pea-sized amount to your fingertip, which applies to all our products.

FREE shipping above $40 in US, CA, UK & EU (delivery 2 - 5 days). Above $75, internationally (delivery 7 - 14 days).